Skiing is Good for your Health

Let's just call a spade a spade: Corona is on everyone's mind. So we thought about how best to start this article. Honesty is a good advisor, we think. After all, health is a sensitive topic these days. There are so many self-proclaimed experts, and everyone looks at the facts from a different perspective. Who should you believe? To be honest, we don't have the ultimate answer either. We leave that to the specialists. We, on the other hand, are travel experts, hosts, wish fulfillers, happiness makers, enjoyment experts, pleasure specialists, feel-good professionals. And we pass on this knowledge with a clear conscience. No more and no less.

Focus on Health and Safety

No destination or hotel can guarantee health and safety. Neither can we, of course. What we can promise, however, is this: We are well informed and do our best to provide the necessary protection and hygiene measures in the hotel. By the way, we do this not only in times of Corona, but as a matter of principle.

We receive excellent support from associations and institutions. By the way, the province of Salzburg is in an excellent position when it comes to virus containment.

The tourism industry itself is also taking a cautious approach to this explosive topic. For example, we know from some hoteliers in the ski resorts that they have fairly issued cancellations of their own accord in order to protect guests from possible infection. Safety and health naturally take precedence over economic interests.

At the same time, many guests still don't want to miss out on their well-deserved (ski) vacation. And that is also a good thing.

Skiing is good for your Health

Sport keeps the body fit. Fresh air strengthens the immune system. Sunlight and sociability promote a positive attitude. Good conditions for staying fit and healthy.

Skiing is therefore a universal workout for body and mind. Muscles and the cardiovascular system are strengthened, motor skills as well as balance and reaction capabilities are improved, and mood is positively influenced.

A study by the Institute for Sports, Alpine Medicine and Health Tourism (ISAG) at the Tyrol Clinics in Innsbruck confirms that skiing has excellent effects on health: Exposure to the sunlight, which is intense in the mountains, as well as movement in nature, increases the release of the body's own happiness hormones, which creates a positive mood. Skiing also has a positive effect on the entire cardiovascular system, blood pressure, heart health and lung function, strengthening the entire cardiovascular system. Skiers have stronger muscles and bones, are more mobile and thus better protected against age-related osteoporosis. The complex movements involved in skiing improve reaction, coordination and balance skills. During skiing, fat metabolism is boosted and many calories are burned, which is beneficial for the figure. Skiing also promotes psychosocial health and brain performance.

Health off the Slopes

Promoting health for body and mind - this can be done in a very relaxed way at the Eder: at the relaxing breakfast with fresh juices, fruit, raw vegetables, herbs and freshly prepared delicacies, there is a powerful energy and vitamin boost right at the start of the day. A soothing swim in the heated pool is just as beneficial to your health as an immune-boosting sauna session in the wellness oasis. Reading a good book without time pressure in the Relax Lounge or on the swing in the herbal bog and meeting in nice company at the bar has a relaxing effect on the mind. So just be exuberant and cheerful. Because: Laughter is known to be healthy! And best of all: the healing nature is right outside the door! Let your soul dangle during a walk, take a deep breath and fill your lungs with clear mountain air, take a hearty sip of refreshing mountain water and simply enjoy yourself - this works wonders to make you feel good all around.

We wish all our guests the best of health at all times, lots of joie de vivre, enjoyable moments and a wonderful sunshine skiing season!
Skiing is Good for your Health