Spending time as a couple, relaxing and being pampered together is a very special experience. Whether a couple in love or best friends - time together is precious and will be remembered for a long time.

Private Spa: Valuable Time Together

Private Spa for Two

The Private Spa at Hotel Eder gives time for two a very special touch. So you can enjoy a pampering, soothing bath together in the partner bath tub with relaxing music, pleasant fragrances and atmospheric lighting. A bottle of sparkling wine and a plate of fresh fruit provide additional moments of pleasure. After the joint bath, there is a relaxing massage with soothing oils for both of you before you comfortably end the joint spa experience in the relaxation room.

Pure Feel Good Experience

Light has a special effect on our body and our mood. Bathing in light, so to speak, the color plays an important role:

Red: color of fire, love and passion, but also of anger. Red stands for vitality and energy. The color red activates & warms, stimulates the circulation, metabolism and immune system, promotes blood circulation and helps fight fatigue.

color of the sun. Stands for light, optimism and joy. Alleviates anxiety and dejection. Promotes creativity, receptivity and joie de vivre. Has a mood-lifting, digestive, concentration-enhancing effect.

color of nature. Has a calming, relaxing, harmonizing effect. Stands for security and hope. Breathing rate is reduced and relaxation is promoted. Strengthens the immune system. Regenerates muscle and tissue cells. Strengthens bronchial tubes and regulates blood pressure.

color of the sky and water. Conveys vastness and tranquility. Stands for trust and longing. Helps with sleep disorders, restlessness and inflammation. Has a calming and mentally relaxing effect. Heart rate and blood pressure are lowered.

Caressing fragrances have also been proven to contribute greatly to well-being. It is not said for nothing that you can "smell something well" if it is accompanied by a positive, pleasant feeling. So it's also best to follow your own nose during the bathing experience at the Spa for Two and select the scent that is most pleasant for you beforehand.

At the same time, the bath additives have different effects on the physical condition:

Lavender: Calms, relaxes, helps you fall asleep.

Proven remedy for strained muscles and for the consequences of injuries and accidents. Recommended for rheumatic muscle and joint complaints.

The bath extract from the world of exotic fruits with real mango is like a vacation for the skin and makes you long for sun and sea. Fruity, sweet, trendy.

Fruity bath pleasure with grape extract. High-quality wines are pressed from the French white noble grape Chardonnay. As a bath additive, the fruity extract cares for the skin. Guaranteed alcohol-free!

Alpine Herbs:
The special blend of six medicinal herbs found in the Alps (gentian, hay flower, St. John's wort, lemon balm, juniper and spruce needle) gives this bath extract its pleasant fragrance and mildly stimulating, mildly disinfecting effect. Also recommended for mild muscle and joint pain.

Hay Flowers:
The mixture of grass and herb flowers is used in folk medicine for colds, muscle tension, joint wear and rheumatic phenomena.

The soothing warmth of the water relaxes and loosens the muscles and optimally prepares them for the subsequent massage. Which muscle groups should be pampered, everyone decides for himself. The partial massage can be a back, shoulder, neck, leg or foot massage. The intensity can also be determined individually, depending on whether one prefers an intensive or a gentle variant.

A massage is a benefit for soul and body. The blood circulation of the skin and muscles is stimulated and the application also has a positive effect on the internal organs by addressing the so-called reflex arcs in the body. The psyche also benefits from the gentle touches, reducing stress and activating the self-healing powers.

The choice of the personally preferred oil also affects the massage result:

Aloe Vera: Strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier. Dry skin is provided with an extra portion of deep-acting moisture. Nourishes, protects and regenerates the skin by supporting cell regeneration.

St. John's wort: Calming and psyche-strengthening effect. Beneficial effect on the entire musculoskeletal system and on tense muscles. Soothing, nerves calming, muscle relaxing, warming and decongesting, soothing for severely stressed skin.

Almond oil: Protects the skin from UV rays, soothes and moisturizes deep into the skin. Supports the skin barrier in protecting against external influences. The result: skin that is soft to the touch and well cared for.

The "Spa for Two" lasts 1.5 blissful hours and costs a total of € 125.00 including a bath in the partner tub with bath fragrance, atmospheric lighting, pleasant music, sparkling wine, fresh fruit and a 25-minute massage with soothing oil.

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Private Spa: Valuable Time Together